Mark Shadley showed an interest in cars and motorcycles at a young age. He went to trade school and began working at T & T Auto Repair, where his part time job turned in to a career under his mentor Tommie Tie.

When Mark decided to work for himself, he began doing side jobs at home. By that time, Paul had also been working as a mechanic. Despite all kinds of weather, the two would meet up almost every night in Mark's driveway before renting a building of their own.

In 1981 the brothers started Auto Tec in Whitman. Mark and Paul kept their regular jobs and worked at their shop at night before committing to their business full-time.

Although Mark and Paul's business started with auto repair, Mark began building bikes as a kid and Paul worked by his side. Motorcycling was part of the family and the brothers always had a few bikes under construction. Customizing Harleys began as a hobby and naturally evolved in to part of the business.

Mark and Paul designed and built a new repair facility in the early 2000's and included a retail store, spaces to fabricate and build bikes and a repair shop.

Several ground-up custom bikes are built in the shop each year and the garage includes a full-time staff for service. Mark and Paul have been in business together for nearly 40 years now and motorcycles are now a big part of their company.

Mark's two sons Bobby and Dean are carrying on the family tradition for the next generation. The second round of Shadley Brothers work side by side with Mark and Paul daily and custom motorcycles are a common bond that keeps this family close.